Pineapple Express


Variety: Sativa
THC Level: High
Flowering Time: 11 weeks
Yield: average for plant size

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Looking for a strain that will take you on a tropical adventure? Look no further than Pineapple Express! This potent kush will transport you to a paradise of relaxation and euphoria.


Sweet Pineapple Flavor: Experience a burst of juicy pineapple with every hit, making this strain a treat for the taste buds. Relaxing Effects: Let the stress and tension melt away as Pineapple Express soothes your mind and body. Uplifting High: Enjoy a boost of energy and creativity with this uplifting strain, perfect for social gatherings or creative projects.


– Indica dominant hybrid – THC content of 20-24% – Grown with care and expertise for optimal quality and potency


1. Grind up the buds and pack them into your preferred smoking device. 2. Light up and take a deep inhale to fully enjoy the sweet pineapple flavor. 3. Feel the effects wash over you, leaving you relaxed and uplifted.


Q: Is Pineapple Express suitable for beginners?
A: While this strain may be strong for some, the uplifting effects make it a great choice for those new to cannabis. Q: Can I use Pineapple Express for pain relief?
A: Yes, this strain is known for its ability to alleviate pain and discomfort, making it a popular choice among medical cannabis users. Q: How long do the effects of Pineapple Express last?
A: The effects can last anywhere from 2-3 hours, depending on the individual’s tolerance and dosage.

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